According to various normative acts, laws and corporate procedures, there is a need for long-term storage of many paper documents in the archive, for example, contracts, accounting papers, personal files etc.

It is necessary to keep records of all documents (invoices, certificates, invoices, contracts, summaries, etc.), keep the terms of storage, reporting. And at some point the number of stored documents is becoming a tangible problem for many state and commercial companies, enterprises and organizations.

Long-term storage of documents at the office of the company tends to constrain the speed of documents and the effectiveness of its work in general, not to mention the increase in the cost of maintenance of the archive.
Docs&Box offers a modern solution that will reduce costs and increase efficiency - offsite document storage.

Store your records with Docs&Box in 3 steps
Our employees will pack documents in archival boxes
Which are then sent to Docs&Box in a secure vehicle
And placed in a protected archival storage
Benefits of offsite storage
Reduction of staff, space and equipment costs required to maintain own archive
Quick and accurate search of documents by barcodes, dates, types and numbers of documents
The storage of documents becomes completely safe and confidential
Collection and delivery of documents is carried out by Docs&Box employees
No more lost documents
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